Stop Smoking Program

Everyone knows that smoking is not good for you. And 70% of smokers want to quit. So why do people continue to smoke?

Well, a lot of smokers don’t want to go through the withdrawal symptoms, or they don’t think they have the will power to quit smoking. Others worry that their stress levels with increase or they’ll put on weight.

Many smokers still enjoy it and resent the idea of having to stop.

Whatever is stopping you from stopping, my 3 session program using Hypnosis makes it so easy to quit that you’ll be surprised how quickly you become really comfortable being non-smoker.

Hypnotherapy helps you feel amazingly relaxed and positive while you’re quitting and helps you lose the desire to light up.

During this Program you’ll learn how the mind works and how even the strongest habits or addictions can be changed with Hypnosis.

This program consist of an initial 60 minute consultation followed by two 30 minute consultations.

These consultations can be in person or online via Zoom.

The cost is $495.

Private Health Rebates may apply.

Call 03 9842 7033 or Book HERE

Stop Smoking Testimonials

Joseph Coward

Thank you so much for making giving up so easy. I have never felt so good and wish I had done this years ago. I advise all smokers to give this a go and change their lives forever! Thank you!


Very friendly, warm, and sincere. I would definitely recommend Alison Burton. The technique works. I was amazed.


Excellent. I haven’t smoked since the first the first session.


Never felt better. Amazing experience. A big thanks to Alison. It’s great being a non-smoker. Ulysses I can’t believe it was easy to stop smoking. I haven’t really given it a thought.

Stop Smoking Program

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